Audrey Sica

Audrey Sica is a VJ, Producer, Camera Operator, and co-owner of Stoptime Live, LLC in Chicago, IL.

Audrey began her VJ career in 2004 shortly after she started doing custom installations with Stoptime Live at club venues and underground parties in Chicago.  Incorporating her background in dance and keen understanding of musical composition, Sica quickly began to develop her own style. Audrey considers her visuals an extension of the music and carefully makes her selections to match the aesthetic of the event and heighten the audience’s overall experience.  Sica identifies with her art as a choreography of images adding her vision and signature style to every mix.

In 2006, Audrey began working as a camera operator providing a live feed to visual screens at performance venues and documenting nightlife events.  She has taken her experience as a camera operator and editor to develop her own bank of custom visuals to amplify the Stoptime Live visual arsenal.


Television  B.Y.O.W.

Music Videos  Robbie Rivera Cosmic Gate

Live Events  After Dark Opulent Temple We Live In Public

VJ  Burning Man Interview