Liviu Pasare

Liviu has a Chicago based practice creating works and visual experiences using new media and technology.  He works as a video designer, cinematographer, editor, animator and has produced, directed and performed for live multimedia experiences. He has been affiliated with theaters and artists such as Collaboraction, Redmoon, Chicago Children’s Theater,  Blue Man Group, Luftwerk among many others.

New media use in performances,  theater and collaborative works follow a humanistic normalization of exchange and a large part of my work exists within a live performance and theatrical environment. I am interested in such practices because they recognize a multitude of genres,  allowing them to combine, expand and enhance the range of experiences an audience can experience.

I consider video projections as my medium of choice and I develop installations and images that are evocative and immersive.   I use a process of exploration and inquiry and I am consistently developing the language of the medium around psycho-visual processes of perception. I play with the specificity of the video projection space and how that plays with the expectancy of a viewer.

My understanding of use of technology for creative expression is through a historical narrative . Technology has always played a pivotal part in creative expression, and it has manifested in social transformation throughout time. This is evident through the use of materials and tools that enabled various ways of  recording and communicating  information from pre-historic cave paintings through youtube. The tools used in creative expression are technological in nature and historically, a progressive attitude towards the use of technology becomes relevant.

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